31/10/2013 - Smooth operator scores top marks for passenger comfort

A coach driver from Weston-super-Mare has managed the “perfect drive” according to onboard technology that measures and marks passenger comfort and fuel efficiency.

Coach operators Bakers Dolphin installed the Traffilog fleet management system just over a year ago to give drivers an instant breakdown of their journey by analysing braking, acceleration and manoeuvring patterns.

Gold coach veteran Robin Knibbs has been recording 100 per cent scores on his journeys - ensuring passengers get the smoothest ride possible while helping the company make significant savings both on fuel and wear and tear on the vehicles.

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The Traffilog system monitors braking and acceleration along with left and right turning manoeuvres  using a simple green, amber and red light readout. Drivers can check their status at the end of each journey.

Bakers Dolphin Quality and Compliance manager Alan Perks said the system had proved popular with the fleet's drivers who recognised its positive influence on their driving standards.

He said: "We trialled theTraffilog system and were so impressed with its driver-friendly simplicity and cost-effectiveness we installed it across our entire fleet - from Gold Coach to people carriers.

"By monitoring the readouts we can pinpoint the drivers who are hitting a lot of green lights and reward their good driving. Similarly, bad habits like sudden braking or harsh acceleration will actually cost our drivers money. 

"Robin Knibbs has been causing a bit of a stir as he is regularly hitting 100 per cent results, which is extraordinary when you consider the total mileage each of our coaches is recording."

Robin, who has been with the company for 12 years, drives one of the fleet's Gold Coaches on some of Bakers Dolphin's most popular tourist routes - taking advantage of superior road networks in the UK and on the Continent.

"To be fair our Gold Coach excursions tend to use motorway and A-road routes which generally involve fewer of the tight bends and awkward manoeuvres you might find on one of our school runs around the local country lanes.

"But Robin's achievement in returning 100 per cent scores is a genuine reflection of his expertise and care behind the wheel."

Alan said most domestic drivers understood that by avoiding harsh braking or sudden acceleration they could help cut down on fuel costs and reduce the impact on the environment.

"But there are additional benefits for us in that our passengers enjoy a far more comfortable ride when their coach is being driven as carefully and precisely as Robin does and are far more likely to book with us again." 

Manufacturers claim the Traffilog  fleet-management system  can lower aggressive driving habits by a staggering 70 per cent.

To find out more about Bakers Dolphin visit www.bakersdolphin.com 

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