28/05/2024 - Reflecting on Three Incredible Years of Johnsons Coaches' Luxury Traveller with a fifth addition!

Over the past three years, we've had the privilege of creating unforgettable journeys to breathtaking destinations, providing top-notch service and creating exceptional experiences for our amazing guests.

John Johnson and Kyran Flynn with Johnsons Coaches fleet of five Luxury Traveller Coaches.
John Johnson and Kyran Flynn with Johnsons Coaches fleet of five Luxury Traveller Coaches.

A fairly accurate estimate is that our Luxury Traveller Coaches alone have operated around 450 departures since they first commenced touring on the 17th May 2021. Totalling 15,000 passengers who have experienced the Luxury Traveller brand.

In 2024 we have added a further brand new 43-seater Luxury Traveller to our Own Products Touring fleet, this is now our fifth Luxury Traveller coach which means that over 40% of our touring fleet will now be operated by the Luxury Traveller Brand. Certainly, since the brand was launched post-pandemic in May 2021, it is quite apparent from the growth in three short years that our loyal customers are being drawn to the enhanced on-board luxury facilities on offer – ‘First Class’ seating and legroom, fully reclining seats, complimentary hot & cold drinks, free wi-fi & USB charging points & complimentary gift bag.

As we reflect on the incredible moments shared with our guests over the past three years, we are filled with gratitude for the trust and support they have shown us. We look forward to continuing to exceed expectations, inspire wanderlust and create magical journeys for many years to come.

“The essence of our Luxury Traveller Brand lies in our high-quality tours, where high-quality travel seamlessly matches the exceptional hotels we use. Every journey on our Luxury Traveller coaches, whether an upgrade or a full luxury tour, includes complimentary hot and cold drinks onboard. It has been proven by our customers that securing another Luxury Traveller in the fleet was the essential thing to do.” Barry Cobb, Tours Manager.

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