04/03/2015 - Maynes Join Up With Alcolock UK

Enhancing safety

aynes Coaches have continued our commitment as a market leader in the coach travel industry. This spring we are unveiling a new safety feature to ensure peace of mind for our customers. Our company is investing in the ALCOLOCK V3 alcohol interlock through ALCOLOCK UK. Once installed in a vehicle, the V3 will only allow the vehicle to be started if the driver passes a breath alcohol test. The first round of installations will cover 6 of our current fleet, and we are committed to equipping 100% of our fleet within the next few years.

Our experienced team will be working with ALCOLOCK UK to learn the installation and maintaining process of the ALCOLOCK V3 system. This will allow us to earn ALCOLOCK dealership status in Scotland and also allow us to supply and support the product in the future. To start our vehicles, drivers will have to perform and pass a breath test. If the test is not passed, the vehicle simply does not start. Our company has had a random employee testing program for a many years, but we felt with the new lower drink driving limit in Scotland we could do more to ensure our company always met the new laws. These new interlocks will be combined with other tougher safety measures including our current random checks.

Safety is a priority and not an extra with our company and we pioneer in using technology for the greater safety of our passengers. Last year we began our partnership with Navman Wireless to take care of our telematics system for our whole fleet and are proud to now to enter a new and exciting partnership with ALCOLOCK UK further ensuring our company's drive for safety.

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For more info on ALCOLOCK UK visit http://alcolock.co.uk/


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