30/04/2012 - Maynes go up in the world

Maynes Coaches have updated our vehicle lifting equipment with the purchase of two sets mobile column lifts from Stertil koni.

The 35k investment will replace Maynes more traditional cabled lifts that have served us well for many years.

Maynes go up in the world

Each vehicle in Maynes fleet of 30 has a full inspection every four weeks. The Stertil Koni mobile lifts provides maximum room to the underside of raised vehicles to enable work to be carried out at a safe and comfortable height. One of the new set of lifts also features a secure wireless control system that eliminates cables on the workshop floor thereby eliminating the risk of tripping.

We will use the new lifts daily for service and repair work on our own fleet, as well as maintaining other operators vehicles. We chose The new sets because we need to be sure of their reliability, Stertil Koni has an excellent reputation.The new lifts will not only be considerably better than our previous ones in terms of quality and ease of maintenance, they will also make life easier and safer for our mechanics.

Each column has a lifting capacity of 7500kg and if we needed to increase lifting capacity we can simply add more columns. Total lifting height is 1.85 metres and this can be reached in a swift 89 seconds. The lift uses Stertil´s maintenance-free, self-lubricating, synthetic runner wheel system, which is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Maynes Coaches strives to be the best in its industry, both on the road and in the maintenance and safety standard of its fleet. Our new vehicle lifts are renowned for their reliability, long lifespan and are Designed for intensive and problem-free use.

To find out more on how you can ensure you fleet is Maintained The Mayne Way. Then contact our office today or you can find out more on our services at the workshop page on our website www.maynes.co.uk.

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