28/02/2013 - Maynes Continue To Drive Festival Forward

Maynes Coaches have been awarded the coaching and shuttle bus contract for the 2013 Speyside whisky festival.

 Our company is now proud to become Corporate Partner of the event that showcases our area as well as the many products and companies that work within whisky industry in Speyside.  

We have been the chosen transport provider for many years in the past and now with the event growing it was a logical step for Maynes Coaches to become a Corporate Partner. Most of the events are located centrally in Speyside and the festival provides a subsided shuttle bus and taxi service.   Maynes Coach

The Festival bus service, for which tickets can be bought separately, means that even if you are staying in Aviemore or Elgin you can still get to the centre of things in time for the first event each day.    The festival is also running a circular 'Festival Rambler' bus service covering central Speyside.

Festival Rambler tickets can be bought on-line which allow festival goers to hop on and off buses throughout the festival.   Visitors will be able to discover the delights of the dram with tours and tastings at many of the area's 50 distilleries (including exclusive access to distilleries usually closed to the public).

There are plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors against the beautiful backdrop of Speyside's spectacular scenery and uncover the spirited history of the region that was home to some of the first smugglers' stills.  

For more info on the festival visit the website at http://www.spiritofspeyside.com/ 


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