19/12/2013 - Lucketts Travel Group management become boy racers (for the day)

Have four of Lucketts Travel Group senior managers turned into boy racers?

They pride themselves on their safety record, and know that careful and considerate driving is the key to their company's success - so why have four of Lucketts Travel Group senior managers turned into boy racers?

 Bosses of the south coasts leading coach travel company haven't lost the plot, and it wasn't a modern luxury coach that they have been driving around Silverstone at speed. The vehicle in question is a track ready Lotus sports car, owned and operated by a race team that Lucketts Travel Group sponsors.

 GWS Motorsports is a team set up by Glenn Sherwood, Managing Director of Winchester based Tructyre. The fleet management company has worked with Lucketts Travel Group for the last decade, helping with tyre management and providing cover for emergency call outs.

 At a specially organised sponsors day, the management team were all given a chance to take the car around the famous racetrack in Northamptonshire. It's true to say that a vehicle bearing the Lucketts Travel logo has never been driven so fast by a company employee the Lucketts Travel brand prominently displayed on the front of the Lotus Exige S2.

Lucketts GWS 

 Steve Luckett, Managing Director at Lucketts Travel took the honours as the best driver, judged to have had an overall edge when it came to control and  speed. Ian Luckett, (joint Managing Director), Paul Barringer (Group Sales & Marketing Director) and Mark Jordan (Group Engineering Director) were no slow coaches though, all recording excellent drives around the Grand Prix circuit.

 Steve Luckett said, "At Lucketts Travel we've invested heavily in driver training, teaching our employees that gentle braking and acceleration make for the safest, most comfortable ride and offers the best fuel economy. On the track, of course, there's still a need to be safe, but we've had to change our views on speed for the day!"

 "We've been proud to sponsor GWS Motorsport for the last three years, and have had a great working relationship with Glenn and his team at Tructyre. It's been a joy to get into the Lotus that bears the Lucketts logo and take our turn behind the wheel on the historic Silverstone circuit." 

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