19/02/2015 - Johnsons Head to the Snowy Mountains

18 coaches for a week of fun in the snow

Johnsons Coach Travel take on a busy week as many schools take their half term break and head for the snowy mountains.  18 coaches from Johnsons were fully loaded with students, suitcases, skis and boots and arrive in good time for a week of fun in the snow!  

This week is the start of one of Johnsons Coaches' busiest weeks for long distance continental coach trips.  With 18 coaches in total, a mass exodus was made towards Dover last Friday and Saturday, manned by 18 feeder drivers each way and by 36 drivers in pairs taking over at Dover. 

A great deal of work goes on behind the scenes beforehand to make sure everything runs like clockwork such as; pre-tour checks, the loading of specialist gear, teaming drivers together, dealing with late changes of vehicles and extra cleaning and admin. It all has to be taken into account to send the vehicles skiing along with anticipating unforeseen circumstances like possible breakdowns and bad weather conditions.

Johnsons PR3 

John Johnson, Commercial Director at Johnsons Coach Travel said "It's a fantastic time of year where everyone has to work together to achieve excellent results and I'm glad to say that this year, thanks to all the drivers, mechanics, the Cleaning team, the Operations and Coach Hire team, their hard work and preparation has paid off and it's been another successful year! Let's just hope that the weather stays benign and we're not on the receiving end of horrendous weather to delay things!"

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