14/06/2020 - Guild members ready to serve

The Guild of British Coach Operators are leading the way in preparing for lockdown restrictions to ease and helping their customers get moving again.

 The Covid 19 Pandemic has caused the UK and most of the world to come to a halt, with everyday life suspended.   The coach industry is no exception, with 98% of coaches presently parked up as demand for coach services has reduced significantly given the need for social distancing and the governments advice not to go out.

Members of the Guild of British Coach Operators have used this time wisely, with on line training for their staff and assisting in the community, with such varied tasks, as driving refuse trucks, providing non-emergency ambulance drivers, assisting with meal on wheels and delivery services for those isolated.

Whilst meeting in person has not been possible, Guild members have met using video conferencing technology, discussing how best to serve their wide range of clients, once restrictions are eased.  This includes a comprehensive cleaning policy, provision of PPE and maintaining social distancing on board coaches, whilst respecting the need to avoid the spread of the virus.

A condition of Guld membership is financial strength, with members having to prove financial resources of twice that expected under Operator licencing legislation. Those members offering tours and day trips, additionally have bonding arrangements in place that assures customers their money is safe in the unlikely event of the member failing.  

Guild spokesman, Steve Whiteway said,  “there is no doubt this is the biggest crisis to hit the coach industry since the second world war, affecting all aspects of a very diverse industry which fulfil a vital role, locally, nationally and internationally, it is the arteries of our country.  Millions of people rely on coaches, to take their group to attractions across the UK and Europe, to get them to sporting fixtures, to enable students to get to and from school and to enjoy their extracurricular visits. Couple this with serving the incoming tourist industry and express coach services, the industry supports over 2.5 million jobs in the UK alone.  At times like this,  the quality and stability offered by Guild members will even more important when selecting coach services. Our members are ready to serve and look forward to getting back on the road, representing the pinnacle of Britain’s coach industry”.