15/02/2013 - GreenRoad Elite Status Awarded to Bakers Coach Drivers

GreenRoad, a supplier of vehicle technology which is used to monitor the drivers’ performance, has awarded its ‘Fleet Elite’ status to two coach drivers employed by Bakers Coaches.

Commenting on the awards, to Ian Donaldson and John Williamson managing director Phil Baker praised them both saying.

Bakers Greenroad 


"Our drivers are the ambassadors for customer service performance. We are operating in highly competitive sectors, where reputation counts. Our customers choose Bakers not only because of the quality of vehicles but also by reliability and care taken by all our staff.

"GreenRoad technology provides a visual guide to drivers by setting parameters for smooth operation of their vehicle. Data is collected during the journey which can then be used in training to help continuous improvement.

"Passenger comfort is paramount. But there are other benefits. Clearly if a vehicle is being driven smoothly, there will be less wear and tear on brakes and tyres and we would expect to achieve optimum fuel economy, thereby saving on our operating costs.

"We cannot ask more from the drivers and this recognition awarded by the leading provider of driver assessment technologies, greatly strengthens the reputation of Bakers Coaches.

According to GreenRoad's Customer Solutions VP, Karen White, Fleet Elite membership is the highest honour, a status achieved by less than five percent of GreenRoad drivers worldwide.

"To qualify drivers had to log at least 500 GreenRoad hours and achieve a safety Score equal to or lower than five. So this award distinguishes Bakers drivers as being truly among the best in the world.

"It also means that they are helping the make the roads safer and cleaner by reducing exhaust emissions, avoiding collisions and extending the life of the vehicles they drive.

"So it is more than an impressive professional accomplishment; it's a contribution to the world at large," says Karen White.  

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