20/03/2018 - Coach firm installs life-saving equipment

Defibrillator fitted at Lucketts' depot in Fareham


It’s a logistical hub and source of employment for hundreds of people. And now Lucketts Travel can count its Fareham headquarters as a life-saver too, having installed a defibrillator machine.

The coach company has installed the equipment outside the front of its office so that if anyone in the community suffers a cardiac arrest its use can improve their chances of survival.

Lucketts’ chairman, David Luckett, is a public governor for South Central Ambulance Service and says having a defibrillator close by can mean the difference between life and death for some people.

“When someone has a cardiac arrest, the quicker resuscitation starts the better their chances of survival. That’s why we were so keen to get a defibrillator and it’ll be available 24/7. While we hope it won’t ever be needed, it’s reassuring to know it’s there just in case.”

Members of staff at Lucketts have been given training on how to use the defibrillator, although it could be used by any first responder in the community. When someone calls 999 they are given a code which grants access to the machine inside the weatherproof casing and the are given instructions on how to use it.

Lucketts paid for the defibrillator out of its own pocket and the move has been welcomed by local heart charity, Wessex Heartbeat.

Chief executive John Munro said: “This is a fantastic idea and we’re thrilled to see Lucketts has taken the initiative to install a defibrillator on its premises. We’ve seen first-hand the difference this piece of life-saving equipment can make.”  

To find out more about Lucketts visit www.lucketts.co.uk

Lucketts defibPictured - David Luckett 

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