17/06/2019 - 30th Anniversary Crest Competition Winner

Tuxford Primary School pupil designs new crest for Marshalls Coaches of Sutton on Trent

Marshalls of Sutton on Trent Ltd was founded by Mr John Marshall in 1989 using a Bedford YRQ 45-seater with Plaxton Supreme bodywork, bought from the illustrious W Gash and Sons. Since then the company has gone from strength the strength.

 2019 is our 30th anniversary, so to help us celebrate this milestone we invited local schools to design a new crest which we would proudly display on all our vehicles for 1 year.  The only stipulation to this competition was the new crest must incorporate the basket weave, honeycomb pattern and the River Trent which is on our current crest design.  The winning school would also benefit from a £250 discount on coach hire.

Marshalls crest 1 We were absolutely overwhelmed by the response we received in the office from all the schools across the county.  This of course made the job of choosing the winning design even more difficult and we were amazed by the effort which was clearly put into the designs by all the children.  After much deliberation and short-listing, we unanimously chose the design created by Summer Marriott who attends Tuxford Primary Academy School. 

Marshalls crest 2 Summer aged 11 is in class 6A at Tuxford Primary Academy was invited with her family to our depot on Sunday 16th June for the reveal of her crest. Summer’s art teacher, Mrs Maria Hall also attended.

 Summer said she was very happy that she had won the competition and liked the crest on the coach.  Mrs Hall also said that she was very pleased that a child from Tuxford Primary Academy had been chosen as the overall winner, as all the children had put a lot of work and effort into all the crests which were submitted. 

 Summer was presented with her own copy of the crest to take home.

 Well done Summer!