22/10/2012 - Epsom Coaches – The Best Employer in Surrey

A recent major research project supported by Surrey Chambers of Commerce and the University of Surrey, sought to establish how effectively Surrey businesses in all sectors are in managing their people through tough economic conditions.

Epsom Coaches were one of the companies asked to participate, using a detailed questionnaire distributed at random to around 10% of their staff, from all departments. The survey was conducted by leading market research company youbecome and the questions were designed to determine the following:-

Epsom Staff
  • Quality of Senior Leadership
  • Standard of line Management
  • Morale and Confidence
  • Annual Performance Review Process
  • Training
  • Products and Processes

With an overall average score of 4.97 out of 6 and a 76% response rate, Epsom Coaches topped the poll in Surrey across all categories, overwhelmingly demonstrating itself to be a popular and caring employer, with a highly regarded management team, excellent staff morale and confidence in the company. The training offered and the staff belief in customer service were also highly rated.

Managing Director of Epsom Coaches Group Steve Whiteway, commented, We have always gone the extra mile to ensure our staff are one of the family, we offer the best overall pay and conditions in our industry, but it goes so much further than that, we treat everyone as individuals, despite growing to be one of Epsom’s largest employers, that emphasis is stronger than ever. We have not been immune from the economic crisis around us, but have always been aware that we are only as good as our people, so we never cut back on people care and have done our best to shield our staff from those outside pressures. Our staff work with us, not for us, we share everything with them good and bad, it’s a formula that I have personally endorsed for over 30 years, it’s about trust and the belief that everyone should have a say. We are delighted that Epsom Coaches is recognised as the top employer in Surrey, it is a huge complement to our family of staff, in a unique business where people and their families really matter.

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